We finally have an update on our story concerning Idaho's richest man Frank VanderSloot's work to help the folks in Florida recover from the latest devastating hurricane. You can read our exclusive story detailing the supply plane that provided support for the victims of Hurricane Ian. 

Frank VanderSloot Through The Years

A look at Idaho's Richest Man in Action.

We have the details of what was on the Melaleuca relief flight. Remember this flight took place only days after the hurricane left the sunshine state. Thousands, if not millions, lost their homes, personal items, and the ability to keep themselves safe.

East Idaho News reported that 34 electric generators, power strips, gas cans and 1,000 bottles of Sol-U-Mel, and other items were donated to help the relief effort. Mr. VanderSloot personally took an interest in making a welcomed difference.

From East Idaho News:

“My phone lit up (with a text) and it said, ‘Hey Sarah. This is Frank VanderSloot. Call me,'” recalls Sarah Rankin, a Melaleuca customer who lives in Bradenton, Florida. “When I called him, his first question was, ‘How are you? How is the family? How’s the house? What’s going on? How bad is it?’ Then he went on to apologize because he didn’t call sooner.”

It all began in a tweet from Mr. VanderSloot:

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