Frank VanderSloot is known as Idaho's wealthiest person, and along with that wealth, he has been known to give back to his local communities. However, the executive chairman  of Melaleuca Corporation has organized an effort to help total strangers that live thousands of miles away.

Frank VanderSloot Through The Years

A look at Idaho's Richest Man in Action.

A social media post by the Idaho Falls resident encouraged folks to let him know if there were folks living in Naples, Florida that needed supplies. He announced on Twitter that he was loading up his plane with supplies to be distributed to the victims of Hurricane Ian.  The distance is 2566 miles and would take you 42 hours to drive there. However, Mr. VanderSloot will be flying to the disaster area.

Naples, Fort Meyers and other Florida cities are doing their best to save lives and continue to search for injured Floridians.  Alligators and snakes have been seen swimming in the flooded streets that now resemble rivers. FEMA is in the area and President Biden will visit the area on Thursday.

As of the time of this publication, we've haven't had an update from Mr. VanderSloot.  He did Tweet a thank you to all the folks who volunteered and donated for this special mission.

A little bit more about Mr. VanderSloot from his Melaleuca Biography:

'VanderSloot has served as Melaleuca CEO since he founded the company in September 1985 with just seven employees and eight products. Since then, he has led the development of the company’s innovative product line, guided its growth to become a global enterprise that generates over $2 billion in annual revenue, and transformed it into one of the largest online retailers in America.'

Last year, the company sent $250,000 of products to the Philippines recover from Typhoon Rai. The company donated the company donated over $12,000 worth of Melaleuca products such as first aid kits, MelaGel, Triple Antibiotic Ointment and bandages to Ukraine.

Melaleuca is a manufacturer and online retailer of 450 health and wellness products, reaches over 2 million households each month in 19 countries and territories.

We'll continue to update you on this story at more information becomes available.

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