The headline above is accurate, and we can prove it to you. Although Idaho is one of America's most patriotic states, is there one city that is the most patriotic? How does one judge a city or a state's patriotism? We can depend on the usual suspects of national media groups who will recite a survey they're promoting. 

One survey reports that Mountain Home is Idaho's most patriotic state. One could understand how someone would come to that conclusion considering the enormity of Mountain Home Air Force Base. 

However, this Treasure Valley City is the most patriotic in Idaho and America, at least for one day and arguably every day. 

Nampa, Idaho, will be the center of the faith, family, and freedom movement as Idahoans will celebrate the 57th Annual Treasure Valley God and Country Festival. The program honors the work of the military, first responders, faith leaders, and many more folks who love America and love God. 

God and Country 1

The Festival began when famous actor, Chuck Connors, saw the need during the Vietnam War to rally communities across the country to God and Country. 

The event is free; however, organizers have appealed for donations to ensure the Festival's longevity and expansion. While the possibility remains free for all to attend, contributions from generous individuals and businesses will play a vital role in supporting its growth and enhancing the overall experience for future attendees.

Here's a list of when you can show up to get your space for the free concerts, speeches, and fireworks. 

6:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Gates open at 5:30

Nampa Fireworks at 10:00 pm

American Ninja Warrior Daniel Gill will be speaking to everyone in Nampa. 

You can read more about the God and Country Festival here. 

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