There are so many amazing outdoor places to visit in Idaho — unique parks and forests to explore, and a lot of them people might not even know about, especially if you're new to Idaho. With the somewhat reasonable weather, get outside and go for a hike or something!

Take a break from the daily grind, and explore some of the amazing outdoor experiences Idaho has to offer. Keep scrolling for a list of ideas and some good inspiration.

But with so many options, many places in Idaho are overlooked and forgotten about.

What State Park in Idaho is "the most underrated?"

There's an article from Prevention that shares the United State's most underrated state parks, and one of Idaho's state parks made the list.

Brad L. | Google Maps
Brad L. | Google Maps

Heyburn State Park in Benewah County, Idaho

Prevention said, "Heyburn State Park has been open since 1908. While there is great hiking and a popular biking trail, the star of the show are the water activities. Check one of the three lakes on a rowboat, kayak, or paddle board for an amazing view of the landscape."

Not only is the park one of the greatest and most underrated, but it also just so happens to be the oldest state park in the Pacific Northwest, making it a true legend in the region. The park was founded in 1908.

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