When it comes to discovering the healthiest counties in Idaho there are a lot of factors to consider, and fortunately, dedicated sources regularly conduct studies to provide valuable insights for us — and it's definitely an interesting question to consider: Where in Idaho do people apparently live the longest?

Stacker released an article shedding light on Idaho's counties with the longest life expectancy (below) offering a glimpse into the state's overall well-being. They said, “Life expectancy in the United States has generally been on the rise, with rare exceptions for certain segments of the population.”

In the United States, life expectancy has generally been on an upward trajectory, however, as of 2020 the average life expectancy of an American is 77.28 years, according to Data Commons. This is a significant decline, as the average life expectancy in 2019 was 79 years.

Now, turning our focus to Idaho, where the average life expectancy ranges between 79 and 85 years old, the state reflects the national trend of increasing longevity, and is among the healthiest states in America.

Each county will have it's own stats and results, so continue scrolling for the Top 15 Counties in Idaho with the Longest Life Expectancy.

Stacker compiled this list using 2022 County Health Rankings & Roadmaps from the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. They said, “Life expectancy measures the average number of years from birth a person can expect to live and is calculated based on the number of deaths in a given time period and the average number of people at risk of dying during that period.”

Keep scrolling for the Top 15 Counties with the Highest Average Life Expectancy in the State of Idaho.

Top 15 Counties in Idaho with the Longest Life Expectancy

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