After about four years of research, planning and red tape to get through, it is official. Topgolf is building it's 73rd venue in Meridian. Topgolf is an entertainment, restaurant, sports bar and golfing establishment that is sure to bring groves of Idahoans thru it's doors. The closest location to here is in Portland Oregon, Hillsboro to be exact.

If you have never been, they uniquely combine a golf driving range with targets to make it a fun interactive and challenging game for all. Obviously it is a great date spot but a fantastic place to have fun with friends or the family. It is also a great place to go solo and let off some steam. Not only are you whacking the balls as hard as you can but you are challenging yourself to make it in the marked off rounds in the field. By the 10th or 11th ball whatever your frustrations were should start fading.

TopGolf, Photo by Mariah Hewines on Unsplash
TopGolf, Photo by Mariah Hewines on Unsplash

According to Mark Johnson on KTVB 7, The location will be part of the new Eagle View Landing development on the corner of the Interstate 84 and Eagle Road. The 80-acre parcel is conveniently in the center of the Treasure Valley, and being right by 84 it is easy access from just about anywhere.

The area is also going to be home to two new hotels, a near 400-unit apartment complex, a 150,000 square foot office building, and now Topgolf will join the Eagle View Landing party too.

Credit: TopGolf via YouTube
Credit: TopGolf via YouTube

Locals who know the area, have fond memories of what was known as the Farmstead that every fall for 20 years would turn into the state’s most elaborate corn maze for families and fall enthusiasts. While the Farmstead moved on a few years back it was important for the community to have something else in its place to make memories. While the development is obviously much grander than a corn maze and may leave a bad taste in some peoples mouths, the majority of locals have been looking forward to Topgolf in the area since the rumors started a year or so ago.

The Farmstead legacy will also be honored as the Lowe family, who owned the Farmstead farm, are expected to be present along with Meridian Mayor Robert Simison for the formal announcement later today (Wednesday) at noon.

This is a big project as you can imagine so we have a 12 to 18 month completion expectation.

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