Country music fans in Idaho have a special reason to celebrate! Rising star Zach Bryan has chosen the Gold Mine Restaurant & Saloon in Idaho City as one of 23 iconic bars across the country to premiere select cuts from his new album, "The Great American Bar Scene." Starting June 24th, patrons at these bars will get an exclusive first listen to Bryan's heartfelt tribute to America's beloved bar scene.

Bryan recently shared his excitement on social media, saying, "I have chosen 23 bars across the country that embody the spirit of American culture. These bars will play select cuts from 'The Great American Bar Scene' starting June 24th." The Gold Mine Restaurant & Saloon, known for its rustic charm and rich history, perfectly captures the essence of small-town America, making it a fitting choice for this unique album rollout.

Adding to the anticipation, Bryan hinted at the possibility of visiting some of these bars in person. "As much as I'd kill to play all these timeless bars, it won't be possible. I will be visiting a few off the list to have a drink with ya'll," he mentioned. Imagine the electrifying moment if Zach Bryan walked through the doors of the Gold Mine Restaurant & Saloon in Idaho City, guitar in hand. It would undoubtedly be a memorable experience for local fans and a historic moment for the bar.

For now, locals can head to the Gold Mine Restaurant & Saloon on June 24th to enjoy an exclusive preview of "The Great American Bar Scene" and soak in the atmosphere that inspired one of country music's rising stars. Who knows? You might even catch a surprise visit from Zach Bryan himself!

For more updates and details on Zach Bryan's new album, check out his announcement on Instagram.

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