Sing it with me!

He's makin' a list, checkin' it twice, gonna' find out who's naughty or nice!

No, I'm not talking about Santa Claus. Think more along the lines of Jesus. The Lord. God. Yahweh. The Heavenly Father!!!  Can you tell I went to Catholic School?

A recent survey spoke volumes of the State of Idaho and it's saying that maybe, just maybe, Pope Francis himself would be proud. Idaho--one of the LEAST sinful states in the entire United States of America? You had better believe it!

Wallethub, who often compiles state-specific statistics for personal finance and moving purposes, just posted up their results for the least (and most) sinful states in the country. So what counts as a sin? Well, with all of the gambling in Nevada they're certainly not the most "pure of states". According to Wallethub, seven categories were used to measure the sinfulness of each state: Anger, Jealousy, Vices, Greed, Lust, Vanity and Laziness.

I may have spoiled this already but perhaps it will come as no surprise...the MOST sinful state in the country came out to be Nevada.

As for Idaho? Well, we're one of the very...very...VERY least sinful states, ranking at #48 out of 50!

To see the entire set of results and dive into more of the methodology, click HERE.

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