TV's 'How I met your Mother' ended a successful run last night and only April Fools day could knock it off being the title of today's Kevin Miller Hotlist.  Today's list links to whether local police profile people from pro pot states to the NFL allowing/encouraging cheerleaders to visit fans in their seats.  ( Are they going to offer some special insight into the opposing team's offensive game plan?  What's the benefit?)  Find out the details as the Kevin Miller Hotlist begins now.

If only all of us could end up like the television series 'How I met your Mother.'  Last night was the end of a nine year run that will impact TV for quite some time according to CNN.

Today is April Fools Day and ABC has the best business jokes ever... Allegedly...

What happens when you visit Idaho from the pro pot state of Washington?  This man says he was profiled by police he tells Channel 7.

You're hearing impaired and you're calling the Obama Care Hotline.  Instead of getting covered, they transfer you to a 'hot lady' hotline.  How does THAT happen?  CBS Sacramento has the troubling details.

Your big screen cannot match this benefit of attending NFL games.  The NFL will now allow their cheerleaders to visit fans in their seats according CBSAtlanta.  Why?  I know, I know, but really, aren't fans there to watch the players and not the cheerleaders?

The government now wants grandparents to read 'healthy food' stories to kids at bedtime.  The USDA believes this will 'encourage' healthy eating.  Sure...Maybe George H.W. Bush can recant his disdain of broccoli while they're at it.  The Washington Free Beacon looks at this and other stories of interest.

Who likes to wait on the phone?  Don't you miss live operators?  The demand was so long for folks in Texas that one Obama Care interpreter was caught snoring because of the wait says CBSHouston.

So much for the Constitution when it comes to police needing a warrant to search your home in Long Island.  I guess illegal renting trumps the Bill of Rights says Info Wars.

One shot, one kill.  How about one shot, six kills?  Too good to be true?  It only happens in the movies?  Nope, not according to The Telegraph.

It's the 30th Anniversary of Wrestlemania.  Who would've thought thirty years after Hulk Hogan and Mr. T climbed into the ring that we'd still be enamored with the squared circle.  The WWE is doing everything it can to remain relevant and may someday leave TV according to the New York Times.  I still miss the old WWF, NWA and even jabronie WCW.



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