After a short vacation at the Bundy Ranch, the Kevin Miller Hotlist returns.  Speaking of returns, we have a preview of the hit Fox show 24 that airs tonight.  Does Jack still have the magic?Hopefully the former CTU agent has more appeal than the diminishing American Idol.  We have a lot to cover from the latest Floyd Mayweather decision to the latest decision from the United States Supreme Court, so let's get started!

Jack Bauer has saved his country and the world several times.  Can he save Fox Television, wonders USA Today.

The Amazing Spiderman swung his way to a 92 million dollar opening this weekend.  (Warning major spoilers in this article)  Did it stay too true to the comic book and what's next for the wallcrawler?  Find out from Forbes.

A victory for prayer in America rules the U.S. Supreme Court says WTOP.

The Bundy Ranch / BLM fight was just the beginning of the West's fight to reclaim their lands reports the Washington Times.

Most folks in the West fear the president will make a land grab like Bill Clinton did says the Salt Lake Tribune.

Nancy Pelosi tells the world the perfect way to celebrate Cino de Mayo is to pass amnesty according to Brietbart.

A good news story about a family that thought they lost their beloved family dog but found him after eighteen months.  Reckless or Lucky is happy to be home reports NBCNewYork.

Is anyone scared of America these days?  Apparently are enemies think we're weak from The Economist.

To debate or not to debate?  Why some Idaho politicians are passing on the opportunity to engage according to Channel 7.

Butch Otter verses Barry Petersen?  MMA?  Roping?  Bull Riding?  Only Dan Popkey can provide the details of this heated showdown in the Idahostatesman.