Kevin Miler takes calls on the Super Bowl from listeners giving their take on the game.


Kevin Miller is joined by political/media consultant Mike Tracy.  Mike gives a passionate call for more money, awareness, and effort in supporting our nation's veterans.  He gives a review of the movie American Sniper.

Kevin Miller and Mike Tracy look at last week's add the words testimony and what to expect in the legislature.


Kevin Miller is joined by Jared Halpern of Fox News Radio.  Jared reports on the latest developments in the 2016 Republican Presidential Field.

Kevin Miller takes calls on the president's budget proposal.


Kevin Miller and Dave Petso look at the incredible success of Apple Computer.  They compare Apple to Microsoft.  Kevin Miller and Dave review the president's 4 trillion dollar budget proposal.


Kevin Miller interviews Jeff Monosso live from the site of the Super Bowl.  Jeff shares his first hand perspective with Kevin Miller.  He breaks down the fans, who were at the game, reaction to the big plays.


Kevin Miller takes calls on last night's Super Bowl.  He points out a few behavior problems that the Seahawks exhibited last night.  He reviews the commercials from the big game.  He takes calls from listeners on their favorite commercial.


Kevin Miller and Dave go over last night's Super Bowl.  Kevin Miller looks at three areas that cost Seattle the game.  He continues to look at the behavior of athletes on the field.


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