Kevin Miller interviews John Hill, executive director of the National Alliance for Medicaid Education.  He explains to Kevin Miller how Idaho is losing federal education dollars.


Kevin Miller takes calls on the issue of raising the gas tax and teacher pay.

Kevin Miller examines race relations in America and in Idaho.


Kevin Miller interviews Major Dan Rooney from Volition America.  Major Rooney previews the upcoming race in Boise.


Kevin Miller spends time with Conservative Activist Debbie Schlussel.  Mrs. Schlussel explains the fallout from Netanyahu's visit last week.  Debbie and Kevin Miller take calls from listeners with questions on ISIS and the Middle East.


Kevin Miller speaks with Rachel Sutherland from Fox News Radio.  Mrs. Sutherland tells Kevin Miller what the reaction was to Hillary Clinton's news conference regarding her emails.

Kevin Miller takes calls on the move by legislators to raise the gas tax.


Kevin Miller interviews Bob Dane from the Federation of American Immigration Reform.  Mr. Dane reports on the movement by both parties in congress to pass amnesty.

Kevin Miller takes calls with Bob Dane from listeners concerned about illegal immigrants taking American Jobs.


Kevin Miller shares his experience with Dave involving credit card theft.  They go over how many times they've had their cards stolen.

Kevin Miller discusses the issue of teacher pay in Idaho.