I have to admit I was surprised by the lack of coverage of the Idaho Second Amendment Association's Rally this weekend. I've seen various groups have several stories detailing their plight with as little as twenty protesters. This weekend the ISSA rallied over one thousand people to the statehouse on a sunny Saturday Afternoon. You'd think that would be a big story right? Well, you're wrong and here's the scorecard.

Saturday's Rally was the largest that I've seen in years. The issue of Constitutional Carry is a hot one in Boise. When's the last time you saw so many Patriots rallying to motivate their lawmakers to hear a piece of legislation? It's guns, it's Idaho, it should be big news. It wasn't. Both daily papers ignored the story. One featured a story about a coffee shop at the airport on the front page. The story was excellent and well written. However, when is airport coffee bigger news than guns in Idaho?

The second daily paper's front page featured a story about the Middleton Mayor. Hey, Middleton's a great place, and I'm sure their mayor is a nice man. Again, bigger than guns in Idaho? One local TV Station reported that there were 'dozens' of protesters. Dozens? Really? Have you seen the photos?

I was blessed to be the MC of the rally. The lack of thorough, objective coverage from our media reinforces the point I made in front of the statehouse. You are the message; you have to use every outlet to regain your gun rights in the Gem State. You cannot rely on the media or the politicians to do it for you. We've had our rally, not it's time to make a difference!