Idaho is one of the most vital states that protect the Second Amendment. The Gem State is the outlier compared to Washington State. The state recently passed laws that would restrict the rights of Washingtonians to defend themselves using firearms.  

The Seattle Times reports that Washington has passed two bills that have drawn praise from Liberal Governor Jay Inslee. He signed both bills into law joyfully in front of the state's media.  

SB 5078 limits the amount of ammo in magazines legally sold in Washington. Only ten rounds will be allowed, thanks to the new law. Violating the new law will not result in a felony but a misdemeanor. If convicted, folks could get three hundred sixty-four days in jail and five thousand dollars. 




House Bill 1630 prohibits Washingtonians from openly carrying guns into government meetings. Both bills show a different attitude towards the Second Amendment than we have here in Idaho. It's not uncommon to see patriots going to meetings, churches, schools, and movies wearing their firearms.  

Idaho wasn't always one of the top states for Second Amendment freedoms. Ten years ago, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance was formed to fight liberal politicians who sought to limit your right to keep and bear arms in Idaho. The group partnered with conservative lawmakers to force Idaho politicians to enact stronger gun laws. The idea of limiting an Idahoan to only ten rounds in a magazine would not get a single Conservative or Republican vote in Idaho.

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