Well this will be a birthday always remembered for someone. A heated argument broke out between two men at the Odyssey Bar in Pocatello, Idaho early Sunday morning who were there to celebrate a birthday. The fight grew with intensity and became physical once the two men moved things outside. You could say the fight officially ended after one of the men bit the other's nose off!

The Idaho State Journal reported on police account's of one man pinning the other man to the ground outside the bar. He began punching him repeatedly in the face. In response, the man who was being punched then grabbed the other man's head and bit his nose off. Thankfully, a bystander picked up the nose off the street and placed it in ice giving the severed nose a chance to be reattached. You only see this type of gruesomeness in movies (or in a Mike Tyson fight)! Seriously, I would've been left traumatized as a witness.

Officers from the Pocatello Police Department and the Pocatello Fire Department arrived on the scene just after 1:00 am on Sunday. Both men were cited for disturbing the peace but were not taken into custody. The victim was transported to the nearest hospital. Medical staff at Portneuf Medical Center do believe the man's nose can be reattached. The rest of his condition remains unknown.

According to the Odyssey Bar's Facebook page, business seems to be continuing on as normal again with its weekly dart tournament starting at 7pm tonight.

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