In a unique and charitable endeavor, a man from Pocatello is currently part of a flight simulator team participating in WorldFlight, a seven-day event that takes full-sized and realistic flight simulators on a virtual trip around the world.

Cali Crew WorldFlight Team
Cali Crew WorldFlight Team

The event, taking place from November 4th to November 11th, tests both the crews and their simulators to the extreme while raising money for various charitable causes. Here's where to watch. Read on for more about the crew, the charity they're flying for, and the guy from Pocatello.

This year, the "Cali Crew" is sponsoring Angel Flight West, a network of volunteer pilots providing free medical transportation to those in need.

The simulator used by they're using was built by Fabian Betancur, who acquired a cockpit section from a real Boeing 737-800, transported it to his home in Orange County, California, and named it the Orange County 737 sim. Shane's dedication and passion for aviation led to the creation of this highly realistic simulator.

Hadley W., another member of the crew, brings his love for aviation to the event. He did his first WorldFlight in 2022 with Team SoCal, and he is excited to be a part of this year's journey, as well as future years.

Cali Crew WorldFlight Team
Cali Crew WorldFlight Team

The event is live-streamed on Twitch 24/7 for seven days, allowing aviation enthusiasts and curious viewers to follow their progress as they circumnavigate the world, with the journey continuing through Friday.

This annual event not only showcases the technical skills of aviation enthusiasts but also serves a noble cause by raising funds for various charities. Hadley's participation from Pocatello adds an Idaho connection to this global endeavor, demonstrating the power of technology and passion in making a positive impact.

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