The coronavirus have cost the world millions in lost revenue and continues to threaten the world economy.  The United States has surpassed China with more deaths from the virus as of today.  Remember three weeks ago, when no one knew what the term social distancing meant?  How fast things change in one month.  March is usually the time where college basketball takes center stage.  Blue collar and white collar workers throughout the country are distracted from their mundane daily tasks by filling out brackets on who they believe will win the national title.

Baseball anyone?  Usually baseball's spring training would be wrapping up and millions would take the day off to attend opening day games.  Some cities actual limit the workday when baseball season starts.  Why?  No one will be working anyway, so why bother?

Well, now very few people in our country are working.  The federal government is debating how much money they will spend to keep families afloat.  Suddenly, sports seems so trivial compared to the real world.  Sports fans are hoping that in three weeks the country will be given the all clear and it's game on!  Those thoughts should be easily described as wishful thinking.

ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit said he believes college and professional football should be delayed.  He may have a legitimate point.  How in the world can professional leagues guarantee that next Fall we won't be facing the same challenge again?   What will we do without sports?  Perhaps it's time to focus on what really matters and hope for the best when it comes to sports.  Or maybe we'll all become fans of esports.   Life will go on without sports, it continues to do so, day by day.

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