As our fellow Northwest cities, Seattle and Portland, continue to be under assault from the radical leftist, the Boise city faces a similar challenge. Recently Boise Mayor Lauren McLean has urged the public to stay home Tuesday night. Tonight is the night where another protest against the police is scheduled to take place. We don't know where it is, because the organizers have decided to keep it a secret. Which begs the question, how can you have a protest if you don't know where it begins? The Boise mayor has taken to the airwaves, saying that tonight's objection could be made up of out-of-town activists who are looking to harm Boisians.  You can see the statement here thanks to KTVB.

The mayor is subject to a recall effort that continues to gain momentum. Although she's only been in office for seven months, her decisions and leadership have been called onto the carpet. McLean would help herself by listening to the voters and not the special interests who want to defund the Boise Police Department. I've never heard of a mayor saying her city is not safe enough for its citizens to go out in. Isn't that what we pay McLean to do? Keep the city safe and secure? If she can't handle that, then what are Boise taxpayers paying her to do?

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