Tis the season of package thefts. Well really package thefts happen all year but there is certainly a massive increase during the holidays. There has been a big jump in online ordering rather than shopping in stores to pick things up. To be honest this is the first year that I did ALL of my holiday shopping online... all except for some candy for stockings. All of my extended family is out of town in it just makes it easier to have things sent straight to them.

Plus with the massive deals online from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it is clear that retailors are trying to sway individuals to more online shopping anyway. Or they are at least encouraging the trend.

With more online shopping comes more package deliveries. With more package deliveries there are more tempting boxes sitting outside homes. Temptations are high for robber, stealers and criminals to see what is in those boxes.

According to Channel 2 news, "More people than ever are doing their shopping online, 63 billion packages will be left unattended on doorsteps this season according to C-NET. Patrol Sergeant Justin Dance with the Meridian police department recommends that those packages should be brought in as soon as they are delivered. "If they have a neighbor that they can trust to keep an eye out for them or to collect those packages when they see them delivered," Dance said."

Just because the warning is coming from the Meridian Police Department, everyone in the Treasure Valley should be aware. No one wants to be the victim of theft but it seems even worse around the holidays when children, teens and adults are eagerly expecting and waiting for their Christmas gifts.

Perhaps look into a doorbell cam. Cameras around the property are big deterrents and you can see everything that is happening with the doorbell cameras. If you order one and have it delivered, get it put inside quickly before they have a chance to swipe it.


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