A Meridian Squirrel is gaining national attention for stopping a burglar in the Gem State.  

Television stations, radio shows, and newspapers have been covering the story of the squirrel named Joey who helped the Meridian Police apprehend a robbery suspect.  Here are the details, according to KIVI.  

When Adam Pearl returned home he thought something was not right.  He noticed that some things had been disturbed around his home.  Once he realized that someone had been in his home he called the police.

During the investigation, the Meridian Police asked Pearl if he had a squirrel and if it would bite.  Apparently the police interviewed a man who had been bitten and scratched by a squirrel.  The suspect also had Pearl's items that were returned by to him by the police.

This story continues to be buzz worthy with publications like the New York Post covering Joey's adventures.



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