In a world where private industry seemingly cannot do anything without government funding, Micron's decision to build in America and Idaho is a welcomed sign in today's world. We have criticized the Boise-based business for building billion dollar facility in other states rather than our state.

Most of the world's memory chips are manufactured in Taiwan, a country that could cease to exist if China eventually invades, as they've threatened to do repeatedly. Companies like Micron need to commit to building in America for the sake of our national security. It's challenging that the company credit's the tax credits from Joe Biden for their recent announcement that Micron will spend 15 billion dollars building the largest fab complex in the country.

Micron deserves all the credit in their commitment to our state.  The new facility will attract new vendors, new jobs, and new people.  Micron committed more money to build the infrastructure to handle the additions.  Idaho is about to get bigger and become one of the world's leader in technology development.

In a world where companies have off shored jobs to China, it's refreshing that Micron is committing to building in America. Let's hope other American companies follow their lead. Our country's future depends on it.

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