Boise-based Micron Technology announced today that they are spending big money, no considerable money east of the great river. Folks are wondering just how much money Micron will spend, considering they announced spending fifteen billion dollars to build a new Fab in Boise.

Just like in Boise, Micron leadership thanked the democrats for passing the CHIPs and Science Act. The legislation gave billions of dollars to encourage companies to bring back fabs and other technological facilities to America.

“I am grateful to President Biden and his Administration for making the CHIPS and Science Act a priority, to Senator Schumer and a bipartisan coalition in Congress for passing the legislation, and to Governor Hochul and County Executive McMahon for the local and state partnerships that made this investment possible. Micron will leverage the diverse, highly educated and skilled talent in New York as we look to build our workforce in the Empire State,” said Micron President and CEO Sanjay Mehrotra. “This historic leading-edge memory megafab in Central New York will deliver benefits beyond the semiconductor industry by strengthening U.S. technology leadership as well as economic and national security, driving American innovation and competitiveness for decades to come.”

How Much Is Micron Spending?

Micron's New York investment makes the fifteen billion dollars for the Boise fab seem like chump change. The company says it will spend one hundred billion dollars on what they're calling the New York mega-fab.

As we've written before, Micron returning fabs to America is a good thing for our nation's future and national security. It's regrettable that the company needed the tax payer funds to make it happen.

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