Where are they coming from? We have no idea. Are we made that they are hitting the streets of Boise? No--no we are most definitely not.

It has been ridiculously hot across the Treasure Valley for, well, who knows how many days now.  Record temperatures have been reached several days in a row and all across our area and even the greater Pacific Northwest, people are looking for some relief.

While Idaho Power asks us to "power down" that air conditioning unit a little bit during peak hours and many homes and workplaces are experiencing over-worked units--some aren't finding the kind of "cool" we wish we had. By the way--we'll take just about anything.

While scrolling through Twitter last night, I came across something that is allegedly popping up in downtown Boise streets to cool folks off: these mysterious misters.

You could say that EVERYONE was a little "mistified" by the misters--even ACHD who was getting credit for them.

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