Nampa has now declared a state of emergency due to the heavy snowfall and continual showers.  Read how this impacts you here!

Nampa Mayor Bob Henry signed an emergency declaration Tuesday morning in response to the record amount of snow and risk of flooding. The declaration goes into effect immediately and will remain until Jan. 19, 2017, unless modified by Nampa City Council.

Mayor Henry declared the emergency after learning this morning that two of the city’s four plows are down due to the non-stop use of equipment since Dec. 5. Parts were expected to arrive Monday, but weather has delayed the shipment until the end of the week. A local machine shop is fabricating temporary blade parts and are expected to be available for use later today.

The declaration of emergency is largely an administrative tool that allows the city to bypass the typical time-consuming bidding process to hire contractors. The city has contracted with Thueson Construction, Big Bite Excavation and Nampa Paving & Asphalt Company. Contracted crews will continue to work on main and secondary roadways while city crews focus efforts to complete plowing of residential areas and readdress areas of concern. The city had plowed almost all subdivisions and residential areas Monday evening before the additional snow fell.

City crews continue to check critical storm drains and are addressing localized ponding of water. Snow is being removed from downtown parking areas.

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