Nevada's Government has declared a state of emergency.  Why this has to be the dopiest move in state government history.    When most state governments or governors declare emergencies, it has to do with a real state of danger. Floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, you get the picture, those are real states of emergencies. People lose their homes, jobs, sometimes their lives.
Situations become so dire, and resources so eroded, that sometimes the Federal Government has to be asked to bail out states, counties, or cities. Here's how Nevada's state of emergency is unique and entirely a waste of time.
The state where prostitution is legal is running out of pot. Yep, no natural disasters, just a bunch of potheads denied the ability to break the law. Nevada legalized recreational marijuana, but due to a slight glitch, they're having trouble distributing it.
There's plenty of legal 'weed, ' but no one can transport it legally. Although, it is against federal law to distribute, sell, and enjoy recreational joints. Nevada decided to disobey the feds. Now they're in the state's crying wolf.
The 'public' servants would be better off not enabling folks to become addicted to the king of all gateway drugs, marijuana. Thankfully we have a new president and attorney general who will end the legalized weed movement.
Memo to our friends in Nevada, a state of emergency should not be trivialized by the cravings of a few pro pot politicians.

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