During the depth of the COVID Crisis, the Trump Administration considered a plan to send everyone American a mask to protect them from the virus.  Although, we do remember that early on the Centers for Disease Control recommended that Americans should not wear masks.

The Cut reports that there was a plan back in April to send facemasks to every American - but the White House rejected it. A proposal from the Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Postal Service would have sent five reusable masks to every U.S. household, prioritizing spots with high coronavirus outbreaks.

However, the White House vetoed the idea, choosing instead to launch the Project America Strong initiative, which sent masks to nonprofits and government agencies instead.  Americans and citizens of the world continue to ask themselves the following two questions.  Would sending facemasks to every household have been better than sending them to agencies?  Would it have lessened the pandemic in the early months?

The controversy over wearing masks continues to this day.  Joe Biden recently had to recant his national mask mandate.  He appears to be confused over whether or not he can make Americans wears masks nationally.  President Trump has come under fire from the media for holding massive rallies with mask less people.

Recently, the National Football League had to send a memo to its coaches reminding them to wear masks during games.  The league stated that if coaches and players do not practice guidliness from the CDC, the entire season could be cancelled.

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