Vaping is one of the hottest worldwide habits in the Treasure Valley.  Vape advocates says that e-cigarettes are more acceptable than smoking an old fashioned real cigarette.International advertising campaigns have focused on getting people to quit smoking.  Money from massive tobacco settlements have been used to fund the anti-smoking message on digital, print, broadcast and other media outlets.

Vaping has recently gained popularity as a fresh alternative to smoking.  However, the Boise City Council voted to ban vaping from public parks, reports the Idaho Statesman. The move comes as members of the public have complained about the scented vaping smells throughout the extensive Boise parks area.

How to enforce the ban was discussed by the council and the mayor.  He vowed to come up with a plan and to especially focus on young people vaping.  The ban would include the Greenbelt and any other outside areas that were covered by the previous smoking ban that was passed in 2011.

E-cigarettes and their use have begun to rival the conversation that use to surround smoking.  Vaping advocates praise the devices as a way of allowing them to quit smoking.  While several health organizations have reported that e-cigarette use is out of hand.

No word on when the ban will become law or what the punishment will be for vaping in a outside area in Boise.

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