Doesn't this just get you excited for Fall? We're already craving all of our favorite treats.

We're officially rounding that corner that leads right into Fall and Winter Before we know it, it'll be the holidays, which means it’s also the season of goodies and bread and calories — fortunately or unfortunately — depending on your situation and how you want to look at that.

It's probably safe to say that most Idahoans love a good loaf of freshly baked bread, especially different kinds of bread like Cinnamon Swirl Bread.

Where can we find the best bread in Idaho?

There's a recent article from Lovefood that shares The Bakery with the Best Bread in Each State. And for Idaho, the best bakery is Gaston’s Bakery in Boise.

Google Maps | Boise bizman
Google Maps | Boise Bizman

Here’s what Lovefood had to say about Gaston's:

“This small bakery in Boise may be mostly pastries but the bread it offers is equally impressive. It’s made with Idaho wheat that’s milled into flour, keeping the bran and germ for flavor and nutrients. The country bread (a rustic, open-textured loaf), Idaho wheat bread (made with 100% local wheat), and sourdough are all said to have a great crust and chewy texture, while the brioche makes amazing French toast.”

According to Gaston’s website, they're back down to one location. They DID have a second location at The Warehouse, but closed recently. KB's Burritos will be taking their spot and Gatson's is actually looking for a much bigger space for their second location. Here’s a little bit of their story...

Google Maps | Gaston's Bakery
Google Maps | Gaston's Bakery

Mathieu Choux, originally from Burgundy, France, came to Boise in 2001. He started Le Café de Paris downtown, offering fresh pastries, bread, and a full menu. Due to local demand, the bakery expanded its wholesale options in 2006. Mathieu later closed the café to focus on Gaston's Bakery, now a national brand with partners, distributors, and Sur La Table.

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