A group of Oregon sheriffs has announced that they will not enforce the latest orders from Oregon Governor Kate Brown. We've received a letter from Mahleur County Sherrif Brian Wolfe stating that he will not enforce mask or vaccination mandates.

The sheriff wrote, "Please be advised the office of the sheriff will not be the source of enforcement for mask or vaccination mandates. Furthermore, we will resist future unconstitutional mandates." Is Sheriff Wolfe the only sheriff refusing the Oregon governor's order?

The News-Review reports that Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin will not enforce Oregon's mask mandate. He called Brown's order unconstitutional. Marion County Sheriff Joe Kast told the paper that his direction would be an education, not enforcement.

Oregon Mask Mandate

The refusal of the sheriffs is a new element in how elected officials handle Covid in America. Governors and the president have been criticized during the crisis for their 'abuse of power.' Most executives have ruled through executive orders instead of passing laws during the crisis.

Idaho Governor Brad Little has been the subject of much criticism. Idaho's economy is one of the best in the nation; however, most legislators felt left out of the crisis management during the first Covid shutdowns. The Idaho House did not adjourn at the end of the last session and could call itself back into session if needed.

We have not heard a reply from Governor Brown's office on the sheriff's refusal to follow her orders. She has recently ordered an indoor/outdoor mask mandate and forced vaccinations of healthcare workers and teachers. If they do not comply by October, they will be fired per her decree.

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