The situation involving Oregon's liberal Democratic Governor Kate Brown and the Republican State Senators continues to be an example of her failed leadership.  Instead of trying to use the democratic process, the Beaver State's Iron Maiden's strategy is to break the Republican resistance to her failed implementation of a Cap and Trade Bill.The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), along with other national publications have begun to cover the plight of the senators who've left their home.  The Journal reports some are living in campgrounds, using burner phones, and are moving around the Gem State.

Idaho is the perfect state for these conservative freedom fighters.  The Gem State is known for its patriotism. The Republican majority in State government exceeds or rivals any other in the union.  One "homeless" Oregonian senator told the WSJ that his first stop was Washington, but thought better of it because of that state's liberal leadership.

“You have a Democratic governor in Washington running for President on climate change,” he said, referring to Gov. Jay Inslee. “What better way to energize that campaign than to return intransigent Republicans so they can vote on climate change? I was like, I’ve got to get out of here.”

Is this any way to run a state government?  Could you imagine the press coverage if Brown were a Republican?  Let's not forget how her administration handled the Mahler Refuge showdown.

If the voters of Oregon can be trusted to vote to legalize marijuana, magic mushrooms, and kids voting at the age of 16, then the voters can decide if allegedly cutting emissions, while destroying the Timber and Lumber industry is for them.


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