We all love comfort food right?  However, one popular fast food chain has taken that phrase to another level.  Perhaps the term 'fight food' should be used to describe a chicken sandwich that is actually causing folks to throw down for food.  The re-release of Popeye's chicken sandwich is proving to be so popular that people are willing to fight each other just to get their hands on one.

Captured on video in a San Antonio restaurant location, an employee got into a fight with a customer, complete with food trays and drinks tossed at each other.The woman filming the melee wasn't sure what sparked the incident, but says another person in line tried breaking it up.

When the manager spoke to the patron outside, they both then got into an altercation.Earlier this week, a man was stabbed to death at a Maryland location after cutting the line of customers waiting for their sandwiches.  We all have our favorite foods that we enjoy.  For some it's pizza or lasagna.

Others prefer a big dinner that involves a massive duo of steak and potatoes.  Have you ever heard or read a story about anyone loving a Whopper or a McRib?  How far are you willing to go for one of these chicken sandwiches?  Would you be willing to fight over one of your favorite dishes?

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