Joe Biden is expected to land in Boise this morning around 11 am our time. The president will not be here long, spending time doing his best Smokey the Bear impersonation at the National Interagency Fire Center.

Let me take that back; fires are nothing to joke about certainly in our area. Why is the president here? Will Biden's trip accomplish anything? Will the president have an epiphany moment to champion letting the states manage their public lands?  We've done the work for the president by creating five things for him to do while in Idaho.

1. Rescind his vaccination mandate for businesses. Several Republican governors have pledged to sue Biden over his declaration. The Biden Administration should reconsider its bullying approach to demanding vaccinations.

2. Reconsider his horrific policy in Afghanistan. We don't know how many Americans and friendly Afghans we've left behind in our Saigon-like withdrawal from that country. China is now trying to take over our bases to advance its influence.

3. Forget the Climate Change argument that is emanating throughout the media. How can we take ending pollution seriously when China, Russia, and India are serial polluters?

4. Secure the border now, Mr. President. The Trump Administration's border policy helped curb the massive influx of illegals entering the country. Biden's policy is inconsistent, considering he's demanding Americans take the shot but not the folks who are entering the country illegally? Why the double standard, Mr. President?

5 Have a meeting with Governor Little Mr. President. Since you've taken office, there's been no outreach from your administration to our governor's office. The governor told us that his phone calls to you are not returned. In contrast, Idaho had a great relationship with the Trump Administration. By the way, who is running the Covid response task force? Vice President Mike Pence ran the Trump Administration's task force. Where is Vice President Harris?

Or maybe he'll lecture us on taking the shot? The president believes he can order businesses to require vaccinations as a requirement of employment. Governor Little and other governors plan to sue the administration on that one. However, are we really taking the Delta variant seriously? Concerts and sporting events are back this Fall. Remember when those significant events were called super-spreaders? Remember when Joe declared our independence from Covid on the fourth of July?

No one wants to go through another economic shutdown. However, it would take authentic presidential leadership to make the call on those significant events. In other words, reduce the attendance at gatherings across the country. It's easier for the president to lecture people on taking the shot rather than trying to reason with his fellow Americans. The big question is, what is the legislative reaction to Biden's presidential overreach?

Right now, there doesn't appear to be a reaction except to back Biden's move. I don't believe the founding fathers envisioned the legislative branch rubber-stamping the actions of the executive. We are living in a world of President Biden making it up as he goes.

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