The era of Raul Labrador's stewardship has begun in Idaho with another significant announcement. A few weeks ago, the attorney general announced that he would move to dismiss the trespassing charge against Meridian mom Sara Brady. As we've covered here, the Caldwell School District is currently embroiled in a controversy over implementing a 'woke' agenda upon students, parents, and teachers.

Parents and teachers have contacted us expressing concern that the Caldwell Trustees need to pay more attention to their wishes not to have the woke policy 3281 in their schools. An example of the policy would be allowing boys who identify as girls to go into the girls' restrooms. Over 1,000 parents showed up to stop the policy at a recent meeting. The board shut down the meeting and has yet to reschedule a new one. You can see what happened here.

Check Out These Shocking Photos From The Caldwell School Board Meeting

The Caldwell School Board shuts down the meeting.

Despite all the controversy concerning Caldwell Schools, even gaining national attention from Fox News, Idaho's Republican leaders failed to comment on the case. However, Idaho's Attorney General, Raul Labrador, is not your typical Republican. The attorney general sent out a Tweet last night warning school officials that he could investigate their woke agenda.




Caldwell school officials would do well to respond to the parents and straighten up before the attorney general takes action. I have covered the attorney general for years, and I will tell you that he never backs down from a fight. You can count on that factor. Also, I could now see his office begin investigating other districts that have adopted the woke policy.

His actions will now force other silent Idaho Republicans to either remain silent, which is consent, or join him in investigating policy 3281. We have not heard from the governor or the newly elected state school superintendent on this issue.

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