We've all heard the stories of buried treasures.  Whether it's on the ocean floor or buried in some exotic location, everyone is always looking for that 'hidden treasure chest' of gold that will change their lives forever.There is a real life treasure hunt going on right now and it's in the Rocky Mountain region of the country.  Hundreds of people have either quit their jobs or developed a side hustle looking to find the a hidden treasure worth 2 million dollars.

This is not a work of fiction.  Folks from across the country and around the world are looking to find Forrest Fenn's Hidden Treasure.  Fenn is a writer who wrote books one in which he describes burying a treasure chest deep in the Rocky Mountains.

Money Magazine has profiled several individuals who've dedicated their lives to finding the gold.  In the article, one person is profiled who has spent 10,000 on her own personal quest.  The 65-year-old is so committed she's filled a few rooms with information on the treasure hunt.

Another treasure hunter is a 38 year old real estate worker who's spent the last five years looking through various parts of New Mexico.  Her weekends are spent hiking and digging instead of poolside at the spa.

Rocky Mountain treasure fever has hit a family from England who spent part of their family vacation stateside looking to find Fenn's Treasure.  The search is so popular that they're thousands of social media followers networking to find the one big clue to help them find the treasure.

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