One of the many changes Americans will remember about the Biden Administration is its restrictive view on household appliances. The administration dictates what type of car you drive, EV or else, how you heat your home, and how you grill your food. President Biden believes Americans should end their dependence on fossil fuels. Coal, gasoline, and natural gas are out, while wind, electric, and solar are in.


Thankfully, Idaho has yet to embrace clean energy or the agenda of California, Washington, or Oregon. California will eliminate gas-powered engines despite insufficient electric power to keep the lights on in buildings and homes. The Gem State continues to resist the urge to implement unrealistic energy standards. New York and other states have eliminated new homes and buildings from using natural gas.




The Biden Administration wants to dictate what type of refrigerator and freezer you'll use in your home. In other words, President Biden is not happy with his current environmental mandates; he literally wants to control what you do in your home and how you preserve and prepare your food. (You would think that with two wars, inflation, and his poor poll numbers, he'd be worried about other more important issues.)


The Biden Administration is selling these new demands as a way to improve the environment. Bloomberg Law reports the new standards will save Americans over 36 billion dollars over thirty years.

YouTube/ Tech Trends
YouTube/ Tech Trends


Hopefully, we won't be compelled to turnover our refrigerators to the government, but who knows, we do live Joe Biden's America. Despite the spin, there hasn't been any report on how much the 'new' refrigerators will cost Americans. Who would've thought the Federal government would outlaw light bulbs and now refrigerators. What's next? Stay tuned.

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