The cold weather is here and for most of us that means we're wearing more and more layers of clothing to keep us warm from our head to our toes.  But what happens when you're homeless?  It's the little things that matter and that's where we need your sock donations.Drop off you new socks for women and children at the following locations.  Thursday evening is the deadline for all sock donations.  Please consider donating new ladies and children's socks. Every sock helps keep mothers and their kids warm during the cold Treasure Valley Winter.

KIDO Talk Radio

827 East Park Blvd. Suite 100

Boise, Idaho 83712

Group One Sotheby's

913 W River St #300,

Boise, ID 83702

Group One Sotheby's

439 E Shore Dr #225,

Eagle, ID 83616

Your donation will make a difference in the lives of women and children in the Treasure Valley.  Ron Grant, the Original Safer Money Specialist, is organizing the drive.  He shares with us the reason for the sock drive.  "I think it's important to always pay it forward.  I'm blessed and would like to give back and pay it forward.

Ron loves the area and encourages all of us to make a difference.  "I like living in the Treasure Valley and we'd like to keep everyone safe and warm."

City Light Home for Women and Children, with the Boise Rescue Mission,  has been providing a safe place for women and children since the year 2000.  The Boise Rescue Mission receives no government funding.  All programs are funded through your generous donations.


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