Count another victim of the COVID-19 virus.  The NFL has decided that delay, delay, delay, is just not working.  So the National Football League has punted all of its preseaon games, reports CNN.  First it was the annual NFL Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio, then one, two and now the entire preseason is gone.  Expect all sports leagues, college and professional, to struggle with out to play their games during the upcoming Fall Season.  The NBA has seen some success with its 'bubble' approach.  However football is a much different and bigger animal than basketball.  Recently, Major League Baseball has had to cancel a few games because players and members of the staff have become infected and must be quarantined.  The sports world is waiting for a decision from the conference leaders of college football's the ACC, the SEC, and the Big 12 to decide if they will play conference only games this Fall.

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