Tea Party Bob has participated and covered Gem State Politics for many years.  Many local and national politicians have sought his advice on running for office.  TPB predicted the election of President Trump well before the first Republican presidential debate.We recently had a chance to catch up with the publisher of the Gem State Patriot and asked him for his no holds barred top 5 end of the year predictions.

1.President Trump will be reelected.  Despite threats of impeachment and a overcrowded Democratic field of candidates, Trump will prevail.  If impeachment happens in the House, Trump will be exonerated in the Senate.  His base will respond by turning out on election day 2020.

2. Congressman Russ Fulcher will win reelection.  The Congressman will benefit from completing his first term in Congress.  Fulcher's already solid conservative credentials have been strengthened by joining the Freedom Caucus.

3. Boise Mayor Dave Bieter's political machine will be too much for the not so ready for prime time contenders.  Liberals view the Boise mayor as their knight in shinning armor.  Bieter has the money, the organization, and the name recognition to win again.

4.There will be no recession next year.  The banks will continue to look for money that could lead to a problem coming from Europe.  There could be a recession in 2021 or 2022.

5.The Treasure Valley will become more congested and the increase in traffic will lower the quality of life in the Treasure Valley.  Politicians will raise taxes attempting to expand infrastructure that is already years behind demand.

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