Is there nothing keeping you in Boise for Christmas this year? Still have some flight credits to use before the expire? Then perhaps a quick Christmas vacation is in order! 

Maybe this is your first Christmas as an empty-nester. The kids have grown-up, gotten married and are spending the holidays at their in-laws. Not only does that take the pressure to cook, clean and host the family get together off of you, it also gives you the freedom to get out of the Treasure Valley over Christmas weekend.

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Maybe it's something you've been thinking about but all these headlines about how this is gong to be one of the most expensive holiday travel seasons ever scared you out of it.  Nonsense. It's been another long, trying year and if all you really want for Christmas is a vacation you can certainly make it happen without breaking the bank depending on where you want to go. You may even be able to do it WITHOUT a layover!

We didn't know until we did it ourselves, but Christmas Eve is one of the cheapest days to travel so we decided to look at which of the 29 routes with non-stop service had flights leaving Boise on December 24 and have return flights on December 26. We took those fares and ranked the 20 destinations that are flying that day from least to most expensive.

The 20 Cheapest Christmas Vacations Flying Non-Stop Out of the Boise Airport

Between seven different airlines, the Boise Airport offers non-stop service to 29 destinations. Flights will leave for 20 of them on Christmas Eve and return on December 26. This is your complete ranking of which of those flights are the most affordable for a quick Christmas vacation getaway!

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We still maintain that Hallmark Channel or rival, GAC, should really consider Idaho as a filming location for their next movie. These are five places that truly capture the magic of Christmas!

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While there will certainly be more places to get your fill of Christmas Cheer in and around Boise in 2021 than last year, some event organizers don't yet feel safe having in-person events. Here's a status update on what we know is on, off or virtual.

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