It's an issue that we discuss day in and day out on KIDO Talk Radio. Why is the Treasure Valley so mismanaged when it comes to planned growth? Communities have replaced farmland. Schools have replaced grazing fields for Idaho cattle.

Many continue to speculate that no one can stop the development community. Frankly, not one elected official has dared to cross the influential developer lobby in the Gem State. Recently I had the opportunity to speak with a few elected officials that decided to share a theory that they have with me on the background.
The background is the term used by a journalist where you speak to a source, but do not use their names for attribution. I asked these individuals why our 'public servants' are punting on basic sanity when it comes to infrastructure capacity. The answer was straightforward and should make you consider who you cast your vote for in the next city, county, election.
Recently, let's say, county commissions and other groups have continued to approve not only high density but super high-density developments, which have occurred frequently. The nefarious reason for more buildings without the infrastructure is to fuel the demand for public transportation. As was explained to me, 'you'll be so frustrated by the traffic, you'll gladly spend more money on funding public transit like Portland and Seattle.'
It makes sense to me. If you don't believe me, take a look at every city council, county commissioner, or other elected official, view on public transportation. I'd bet you'll find the more yes votes are from the folks that want you to pay for their public transportation fantasies.

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