Albertson's has been a big part of our community as long as we can remember, but how did one of America's biggest grocery chains spring up from right here in Idaho?

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Back in 1939, a gentleman by the name of Joe Albertson was the district manager for Safeway grocery stores and oversaw the Treasure Valley's Safeway supermarkets when he left to go start is own grocery chain, which we now know as Albertson's. This video, which I found on YouTube, details the history of Albertson's grocery stores. How it started right here in Boise, Idaho and made its way across the United States. A lot of staples which you've seen in grocery stores from all over America, were first developed in Albertson's stores right here in Idaho. One example of that, is the grocery store magazine rack. Maybe you're from California or New York or Florida, Washington, or wherever... You've likely seen one of these in your lifetime. The grocery store magazine rack was first used inside Albertson's grocery stores and is now seen around the world. The grocery store magazine rack likely inspired what is now the grocery store gift card mall.

Now, 82 years later, Albertson's is still a force here in the Treasure Valley, in Idaho and across the United States. From a street corner in Boise way back then to the beautiful Albertson's Market Street and Broadway stores you can now drink wine and watch football at, Albertson's has been a screaming success. The wonderful thing is that not only did this community help build Albertson's, but Albertson's helped build this community. Look at Albertson's park and all the other great things and opportunities Albertson's has provided for our area.

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