If there is one thing that makes the folks here in Boise proud, it's seeing some--literally ANY mention of our city or area on television, in the movies, or in a song. With Boise, Idaho on the rise and droves of people moving here, it's only going to happen more and more often. We live in a special place! I can still remember how exciting it was when Frank Ocean so famously sang about that "beach house" that he could sell--in Idaho.

Well, after several victories being brought home by a Boise contestant on Jeopardy just last month, we're now seeing a Jeopardy QUESTION that has a lot to do with Boise. We should mention--the contestant tasked with answering did so in NO time. We told you the secret was out, Boise...

Above, you can see the local tweet which quotes the question that was presented on the August 8th, 2021 episode of Jeopardy!  Below, the question as framed in the world-famous blue "screen"

Credit: Mateo, Townsquare Media
Credit: Mateo, Townsquare Media

I literally RAN to my tv screen to capture this picture with my phone. Can you tell I'm a local?

Of course, the CORRECT answer is the "Basque Block" right in the heart of our beloved downtown Boise.

The Basque Culture is nothing new to the Treasure Valley, as the block as been a part of our town for years and with over 16,000 members of the Basque community in the City of Boise, we're actually home to one of the largest "settlements" in the entire United States.

Interested in learning more about the Basque culture? There's actually a fascinating article from 2019 in National Geographic about the culture and their footprint in the State of Idaho. Interviewed is City of Boise STAPLE Dan Ansotegui and pictured, a personal friend of mine--Isana Urquidi who has Basque danced since we were in elementary school!  I know some real celebrities!

Read that feature article, HERE.

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