Growing up the youngest of five kids, I have seen some humans eat appalling amounts of food. I’m not exaggerating here, either. My older brothers and dad are especially infamous for being able to put some food down

The unspoken rule around our dinner table was that if you didn’t eat fast enough, you wouldn’t eat at all.

However, there are three food challenges within the Treasure Valley that I would be shocked if even they could compete. I’m talking about overwhelming amounts of food, with a strict time constraint and a set of rules to follow. 

I already know there’s no way I would be able to compete in any of these challenges, and I don’t even know if I’d want to watch others attempt them... I imagine it’d be similar to watching a train wreck: you don’t want to watch, but you can’t seem to tear your eyes away.

Top Three Food Challenges in the Treasure Valley

Do you have what it takes to attempt one of these rigorous food challenges in the Treasure Valley? Many have tried, few have succeeded.

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