The recent massive traffic congestion that ruined a perfect Treasure Valley Friday afternoon should be sounding alarms through every government agency in the State of Idaho.  Every major outlet has covered the rapid unprecedented growth in the Gem State.  Friday's traffic jam could've been a lot worse.  Thankfully, no one was trapped in traffic with a medical emergency.  Next time, Idahoans might not be so lucky.

"It looks like California," one person told KTVB.  That's not a good sign for the future of transportation in Idaho.  State officials have told residents for years that the State will do their best to catch up.  The state legislature raised the gasoline tax a few years ago to build more roads and infrastructure.

Sadly, our roads are overcrowded and in need of a major expansion.  What happens if the status quo remains the same?  Well, get use to living like Californians.  Say goodbye to the quick commutes and start planning your day around living in your car.

The situation call for someone in leadership to acknowledge that we need an outer loop around the Treasure Valley.  An outer loop would allow the big commercial trucks the ability not to have to dodge the crazy and unpredictable drivers that zip in and around I-84 daily.

Some officials will call for a committee to study our growing transportation challenges.  A committee is a waste of time.  All one has to do is get in their car and travel any road in the Treasure Valley beginning at 6:30 a.m or 3:30 p.m.  The back-roads are woefully inadequate to facilitate the excessively large trucks that are needed to fuel the building growth.

If public servants fail to head the warnings of last week's traffic debacle, then they should be wary of a fed-up public that will vote them out.

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