When it comes to Idaho, it's no secret there's a lot of stunning natural attractions. The only problem is, there's so many of them that certain gems often fly under the radar — but that doesn't make them any less amazing!

BestLife revealed a list of 7 underrated U.S. National monuments that should be on your bucket list, and guess what? There's a popular Idaho attraction on the list.

Idaho's very own Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve made the cut, landing at the #7 spot. Now, we have to be real here – a vacation to Craters of the Moon might not be the greatest fit for everyone, but trust us when we say, it's a place worth exploring at least once.

Tyillere Hansen | Google Maps
Tyillere Hansen | Google Maps

In their article, BestLife describes Craters of the Moon as "truly otherworldly," and even the National Park Service (NPS) calls it "weird and scenic." This is a unique destination and a geological mystery with volcanic features, from cinder cones to splatter cones, each telling a different story of our Earth's history.

Craters of the Moon's stunning geology and surreal landscapes have started to grab some well-deserved national attention. This hidden Idaho attraction is no longer hidden – it's emerging as a must-see destination for anyone fascinated by the incredible forces of nature that shaped our planet.

So, if you're looking for a unique adventure that's out of this world, right here in our state, add Craters of the Moon to your bucket list. Keep scrolling for other amazing attractions in Idaho 👇

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