In a recent update from the National Weather Service, an urgent winter weather advisory has been issued for the Boise area and the Treasure Valley. Effective from 5pm this afternoon to 5am Saturday, the advisory warns of expected snowfall with expected accumulations of 2 to 5 inches — and Boise residents are advised to exercise caution on the roads.

Find a complete breakdown of the weather for each day here.

The impacted regions include Upper Treasure Valley and Upper Weiser River zones in Idaho, as well as Baker County in Oregon. The advisory emphasizes the potential for very difficult travel conditions, highlighting the impact on both morning and evening commutes.

With the expected high winds and snowfall for the end of this week and throughout the entire weekend, drivers are strongly urged to exercise caution, slow down, and consider altering travel plans if possible. The hazardous weather conditions could significantly affect roadways, making travel a bit more intense.

Here are 3 easy winter driving tips:

• Reduce Speed: Slow down to ensure better traction and control on slippery roads.
• Increase Following Distance: Allow extra space between vehicles to account for longer stopping distances.
• Use Winter Tires: Equip your vehicle with snow-rated or studded tires for enhanced grip in icy conditions.

The National Weather Service recommends staying informed about the latest road conditions, and calling 511 if needed for the most recent updates. As the winter weather unfolds, Boise and Treasure Valley residents are encouraged to prioritize safety and plan accordingly.

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