A Bellevue Marshall Officer is making international headlines for taking on the reigning king of the NBA Lebron James.  Nate Silvester, an Idaho law enforcement officer created a Tik Tok Video that has folks talking about his take on Lebron James.  You can watch the video here.

Did he go to too far?  Do you agree with his comments?  No word on whether the Los Angeles Laker star will respond to the comet like video.  James has recently taken down a tweet that criticized the Columbus, Ohio Police Department.  Lebron has never backed down from revealing his political/social opinion.  Unlike Michael Jordan, James has endorsed political presidential candidates and campaigned for them.

Police officers have been under heavy criticism for their actions in shooting incidents across the country.  Bigger cities has begun programs that have actively defuned police departments.  When that happens, those cities have begun to see a huge rise in the crime rates.

No word from the Bellevue Marshall’s Office or anyone in the state of Idaho on Silvester's video.  Meanwhile, Lebron is reacting to an Ohio bar owner who has banned him and the NBA from his establishment.

Will the king of all things NBA respond to an Idaho Law Enforcement Officer?  We shall see whether or not there's any action on Twitter.  Officer Sylvester's video is trending nationally.  Could we see some of the late night comedians take a shot at the Twin Falls Officer?

I expect we'll be seeing his video all over the media and that includes Fox News.  An earlier version of this story reported that Officer Sylvester was working at the Twin Falls Police Department.  The Twin Falls Police Department contacted us to let us know that the officer hasn't worked for them in over two years.  We apologize for the mistake and have updated the story.

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