It's your first meal of the day, and now another fast food restaurant is getting into the business of breakfast.  First Taco Bell and now the home of the old fashioned hamburgers, Wendy's is getting into the breakfast club.  In March Wendy's is giving the first meal of the day a "go" nationwide by launching their breakfast menu March 2nd.

Breakfast is one of the most profitable meals of the day.  Wendy's will join McDonalds and Burger King as a full service fast food franchise.  Wendy's directed their announcement to competitors on Twitter with "They can say goodbye to your tired, old, stale breakfast and instead get their hands on a selection of fresh, cravable and bold new morning options."

The move comes as Wendy's continues to try to expand their footprint.  Currently it is the number 8 in size according to QSR Magazine.  Trailing Taco Bell (7) Burger King (6) and McDonald's (2).  Breakfast is a tough meal to launch.  After spending millions of dollars on educating consumers, Taco Bell has still not gained the expected revenue from its breakfast launch.  Wendy's believes its unique selection will drive consumers for an early morning stop.  The nationwide rollout will include the Breakfast Baconator, Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit and a caffeinated twist on the Frosty, the Frosty-ccino.  Did you ever have try Wendy's breakfast items when they first made an attempt at morning meals years ago?  Which new item are you most excited to try?

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