There was a man in Nampa who won the one-million-dollar Idaho Lottery prize this week... I guess we should never say never—right? Nothing’s impossible. This guy was literally just living his life like normal in Nampa and he decided one random day to get a scratch ticket from the Stinker store on 12th, and now he has a one-million-dollar check... that’s crazy! And it turns out, he hadn’t even bought a scratch ticket in over a year, and he actually only bought one.

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According to KTVB, after winning the $1,000,000 prize, the man is reportedly working with a financial advisor, and he mentioned the possibility of taking an extended vacation. Also according to KTVB, this was the first million-dollar top prize in the game, but there is one more million-dollar top prize available to win.

So, this begs the question... what would YOU do first if you won the $1,000,000 prize?

This winner is apparently considering an extended vacation — would you do the same?

I asked y’all on Facebook and Instagram to tell me what you would do first, and here are the top replies! 👇

What Idahoans would do first if they won the $1,000,000 Idaho lottery...

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