It happens every year at this time. Vendors selling fireworks in parking lots throughout the state take over our friendly neighborhood supermarkets. We see these fireworks peddlers yearly with their unmistakable white tents and 'amazing deals' on illegal fireworks in the Gem State.

If your supermarket is one of the few that tent people have yet to take over, don't worry, you'll see roadside tents, trailers, and anything else that will hold fireworks available for sale. Fireworks sales begin in Idaho on the Fourth of July. Despite all the accidents and warnings, Idahoans can't help themselves by buying and firing off every firework available for sale.

Welcome to Idaho, where you can buy fireworks legally if you sign an affidavit saying you will not fire them. Law enforcement can't enforce the law, so neighborhoods with grumpy older people like your author and pets will be disrupted and scared as inconsiderate folks fire off their armies of bottle rockets and who knows what else.

  Let's not forget the people who have to work early mornings and their pets. Every year we read and see the stories of pets being lost because of the loud local unauthorized and illegal use of fireworks in our area.



We have veterans and others with PTSD who spend endless nights filled with anxiety because of loud noises resembling combat. Idahoans are known for their patience and consideration of others, but how considerate is it to blow off fireworks in the morning while good people are trying to sleep?  



Law enforcement cannot go around arresting everyone, breaking the 'Idaho Fireworks Law.' However, why have a law if it isn't enforced? It would be nice if folks recognized community standards deciding not to blow off fireworks in their neighborhoods. That wish appears to be a pipe dream. Could the state finally act on enforcing its fireworks law? If so, how would they do it?

Photo via UW Medicine on YouTube
Photo via UW Medicine on YouTube

The illegal use of fireworks has been linked to causing several out-of-control wildfires that have destroyed thousands of acres in our state. The legislature must decide if the fireworks law is valid, then it must end the loophole that allows so many illegal fireworks to be sold. I doubt that they would do it, but all they would have to do would be to eliminate the affidavit loophole that fireworks merchant present when folks are buying fireworks.

Local Police Issue Warning On Social Media

The Caldwell Police Department explained Idaho's hypocritical fireworks law in a Facebook post.

"Stands begin to sell fireworks Friday, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the regulations when it comes to the use of fireworks in Idaho. Aerial fireworks are strictly prohibited in Idaho. Although these types of fireworks can be legally purchased, their use is illegal under Idaho law.
Examples of illegal fireworks include bottle rockets, skyrockets, Roman candles, and other aerial items. Individuals found misusing fireworks can be held responsible for any resulting damages, including the costs associated with extinguishing fires. Engaging in the use of illegal fireworks is considered a misdemeanor offense in the state of Idaho.
We kindly request that, as you partake in your celebrations, you take into account both Idaho law and the potential impact on your neighbors and their pets. The use of fireworks can be disruptive and distressing for both animals and individuals in close proximity. By being mindful of these considerations, we can ensure a safer and more enjoyable holiday for everyone."

It would end the fireworks industry in this state, but we'd all sleep easier at night. Otherwise, let's make aerial fireworks legal and buy some earplugs!  You can read the entire Idaho code here. 

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